Monday, 12 March 2012

Suited and Booted

I'm sorry for my lack of posts recently, the last couple of weeks have been my busiest yet. I’ve just been offered a new job, sold my car, bought a car, found a new apartment…you get the point. My blogroll is full of amazing posts and pictures showing me just what I've been missing!

This week I found out the dress code for my new job is ‘smart casual’, pretty ambiguous yes?! What does smart casual actually mean? Searching Google I found these examples, check this one out! Thanks Google, you've been no help at all unless I fancy rocking up in a camel coloured suit or pink polo neck. You see the fashion brand I'm going to be working for has a completely mixed approach to dress code, some are fully suited and booted, some in jeans. It doesn't help when my interviewer had a lovely casual dress at the first interview and a formal black skirt and shirt at the next. Arghh! When you've been able to wear almost anything for the last 2 years, smart clothes are a scary option, it’s so hard to put your own stamp on it! So  I’ve been scoring the internet for possible inspiration; So here's my suited and booted Asos, Topshop and Boohoo wishlist!

asos smart casual