Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Style Award Picks!

So last night saw some of the most stylish female celebrities take to the red carpet for the Elle Style Awards

Leading the fashion pack and presenting the awards was the endlessly stylish Alexa Chung, rocking a full on androgynous suit! I love the mod inspired lapel! 

As I don't wear trousers myself ( I haven't for over 7 years now) Its not my favourite Alexa Chung get up but there's no denying she wears it well! Although it doesn't quite compare to some of her previous choices.

Last night definitely brought to the limelight some lesser known style icons that dared to take a risk! I love Alexandra Roach's oversized and minimalist dress, its perfect for spring with some neon accessories. She may be appearing in a style inspiration post soon..watch this space! 

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